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(8x01) Columbia Resurgent: Part 1, Episode 1

Thousands of years after the collapse of human civilization, after the moon was destroyed in the war with the Berol and pieces of it and the entire planet-girdling World Ring came crashing down to Earth, a heavy rainstorm after millennia of erosion causes a mudslide in the the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. That mudslide finally uncovers the body of Metis that has lain buried where she crashed when the world ended long ago. Now with air to breath again, the nanotechnology in her body restores her to life, but like Xio and Kron before her, her memories are slow to recover. She has no idea who she is, or when or where she is, only the vaguest memory that she was looking for someone, trying to save someone, her lost love – Xio, though she doesn't remember that name.

Seeing an arc of light in the sky and feeling drawn to "where it meets the Earth", unclearly remembering the World Ring and expecting to find a Starbridge connecting to it, she follows it eastward into the fertile grasslands that were once the Canadian tundra. On her long trek through the wilderness, she scavenges for food, finding a widespread berry sweet to the taste. She fends off predators, including an attack by a bear that she expect to kill her, only to find her wounds healing remarkably quickly after it leaves. And she sleeps under the dim light of the line in the sky she follows.

She eventually finds a human settlement far to the east of where she began. They are a tribe of primitive farmers, living in and around the ruins of what was once a vast suburban sprawl, patched up with far more primitive workmanship than it was originally built with. They speak a language that seems distantly familiar but still unintelligible to her, something that she attributes to the unknown cause of her memory loss, and they assume she is injured somehow and welcome her in from the cold. She offers them some of the berries she has been living off of in gratitude for their warmth, but they are shocked at the offer, acting as though they are poison, taking them away from her, and caring for her like she's some kind of idiot child who can't take care of herself.

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