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(1x22) Veil of the Foundation: Part 3, Episode 1

After much effort in figuring out how to do so, the Einherjar enter the supposed alien city they have been led to in the north of the planet they are stranded on.

Failing to learn much from the city's still-operational but intransigent technology, they begin to contemplate their fate and consider possibly just settling down in the city and living out the remainder of their lives here. Dominic is vehemently against that idea, and continues to advocate for setting themselves up as gods among the friendlier locals instead of quietly sitting here for decades until they die (without something called "Xian-gu", which they were explicitly sent without, because it was intended for mortals to take this trip, which is why the founders of the Foundation didn't come themselves). But he is consistently shot down by the rest of the crew who do not want to tamper with local affairs.

Eventually Amitabha establishes communication with the artificial intelligence that controls the entire place, which has been quietly observing them until it could learn their language and intentions.

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