Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

(1x08) Veil of the Foundation: Part 2, Episode 3

Conflicts ensue between the different local species over the Einherjar' potential religious significance. The Lopers want to worship them as their gods. The Monkeys insist that there are important details wrong about them, such as that their legs are backward and they don't have enough eyes. The Dragons have doubts and reservations and wish only to learn more. Preexisting tensions between the different local species factor in to this new conflict: the Lopers see the Monkeys as an oppressive imperialist force, the Monkeys see the Lopers as an uncivilized nuisance race, and the Dragons see both of them as needlessly hostile savages, while both Lopers and Monkeys see Dragons as aloof and opportunistic strangers unwelcome in their affairs unless they're going to pick a side and show some loyalty.

In the midst of that, a secondary conflict arises between the Einherjar over whether to exploit their possible religious significance to win the aid of the locals, which may be much needed for their survival on this alien world. Dominic argues that they should, and in time, frustrated with how this mission has turned out to be as disastrous as he feared despite his warnings, he attempts to exploit the religious angle with the locals against Thorir's orders, forcing the rest of the Einherjar to stop him.

After that matter is resolved, the Einherjar eventually make their way, with alien guides, to a supposed holy place where both answers and salvation may await, far away across the planet to the north. The intimidating journey on foot is eventually shortened when Amitabha is able to access and reactivate a long-disused high-speed transport system unknown to the local primitives. They all arrive at last at what appears to be an enormous, underground, technologically advanced, but abandoned, alien city, into which their guides will not venture.

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