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(1x15) Veil of the Foundation: Part 1, Episode 3

Eventually Dom and Tamara reach Hell, and witness the fury of its Queen firsthand. She seems to be in a state of continuous rage, fighting off the many who constantly come to challenge her, all the while screaming nearly incoherent but intriguingly cryptic things. But when Dom arrives in her presence, she stops, taken aback apparently by the Foundation logo worn on his uniform, which she calls "the mark of the gods". From that mark she infers that Xio has sent someone to her in his stead.

Dom tries to tell her that, to the contrary, Xio didn't want him to come here at all, but that he had to witness the legendary Queen himself. He also remarks that he is surprised that she knows Xio, since he didn't think Xio would ever come to a place like this. She says she has known Xio for thousands of years, and is bemused that this newcomer seems so uninformed of "their" past, asking whose child is he, and remarking that he looks like someone she calls Kron.

Before that conversation can continue, however, the rest of the Einherjar arrive, accompanied by Xio, who has used his special administrative powers over Virtuality to bring the rest of the Einherjar here; and stoic female figure called Amitabha who fights with effortless, inhuman competence, defending the group from the violent residents of this Hell. The Queen and Xio exchange uncomfortable looks, before Xio vanishes again as though to avoid the confrontation. Ayar informs Dom that they have arrived at their destination, and it is time to disengage from this place and awaken aboard their ship. Over Dom's protests, all the Einherjar dissolve into energy one by one, leaving only Tamara and himself, pleading with the Queen for more information, before he is dissolved as well, leaving only Tamara, confused and consterned, who is promptly sent fleeing from the again-enraged Queen.

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