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(1x14) Veil of the Foundation: Part 1, Episode 2

Despite their best efforts, the other Einherjar are unsuccessful at dissuading Dom from his quest. As Dom trains with his lover Tamara, who is far more skilled than him, to fight their way together into Hell, the other Einherjar must reluctantly engage in and perfect their own combat skills to follow him deeper and deeper into the lower tiers and continue their efforts to convince him to give up this foolish quest.

They must use not only unarmed and traditional weapons combat, in which many of them are already quite adept, but also the magical powers apparently available to all in this world, abilities with which most of them are unfamiliar, except for Ayar, who still has only honed them in constructive, non-combative ways through his training in Xiu Dao.

Because they do not have a skilled guide like Tamara to help them train and fight, the Einherjar's progress lags increasingly further behind Dom's, and the Einherjar worry that they will not be able to stop him before he finds the Queen of Hell and stirs up some kind of trouble they don't have time to deal with.

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