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(2x16) Shadow of the Foundation: Part 3, Episode 1

As Pacifica's friendly robot army puts an end to the violence in Asia and America, Pacifica themselves help to rebuild the societies of those continents' shattered nations in their own image. There is no shortage of contest from the Columbian and Aueian superpowers who want to take this opportunity to further secure their dominion over their neighboring continents now that the largest native powers to each of them, Xiania and the Inca, have been shattered; but Pacifica's technological superiority forestalls any forceful conquest, and their utopian society sways the native populations to voluntarily follow after the model of their saviors.

Kron, meanwhile, is reluctantly recruited into the Foundation, so that they can keep an eye on him and not have an immortal would-be god-king running around on Earth opposing them. They manage to persuade him to join them because, now that the Foundation have deigned to intervene decisively in human history after all, they are finally doing something like what Kron had wanted all along, something warranting his assumed name of "Light-Bringer". As further incentive, they reveal to him that they have since recovered their original sunken starship from the seafloor during the construction of Pacifica, and that his four loyal brothers have regenerated from their supposed deaths, and are now cooperating with the Foundation as well.

As the nations of America and Asia are rebuilt and united each into a federated libertarian-socialist governmental structure modeled after that of Pacifica, the three in turn further federate together, transforming the young Pacific Islands International Coalition into a more global governmental thereafter known as the Internation, with Pacifica merely its capital. Commemorating this momentous occasion, a new Starbridge is constructed in the Andes Mountains of America, at the same site from which Kron's body was first recovered.

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