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(2x15) Shadow of the Foundation: Part 2, Episode 3

But Kron's aspirations are short-lived, as Columbia, fearing an invasion of "zombies" from the south, deploy their own army of automata programmed less benevolently than even the Aueian army simultaneously seizing control of Xiania. These hunter-killer drones merely search and destroy anyone matching the "zombie" profile, which includes Kron himself. Since they cannot actually be killed for long, this results in merely containing the "zombie" problem in America under a constant barrage of drone fire, a situation that neither Kron nor the Foundation can stomach for long.

Foundation scientists begin researching ways to end the zombie apocalypse and preferably cure those already infected, while simultaneously hiding their own involvement from "the mortal world". Capturing some "zombies" and carefully studying them in an isolated space-based laboratory, they experiment with attempts to either cure or at least permanently kill them, eventually realizing that their "food of the gods" induces temporary immortality in the "undead", the way it was originally intended to, by resetting the nanites to the new template of the people they are inside. The nanites then helpfully rebuild the "zombie" peoples' bodies back to their correct form, effectively curing them.

But the Foundation can't simply reveal the existence of this immortality-granting superfood to the world. Once again, their nascent society of Pacifica becomes the perfect vehicle to intervenes more subtly in history. As the Pacifican automata are pacifying the Xianian automata gone wild, they are also deployed to America to counteract the Columbian hunter-killer bots. Meanwhile, the very same fluke that started off the unrest in Asia is the vehicle of America's final salvation: the "xian-gu", the mutant strain of the "food of the gods". Doses of the xian-gu are administered to the "zombified" population by the army of Pacifican robots, resetting the nanites to match each individual, slowly returning them back to health. Amidst the slowly diminishing carnage of America, Foundation agents track down, confront, and capture Kron.

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