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(2x14) Shadow of the Foundation: Part 2, Episode 2

That Patient Zero, still amnesiac, witnesses the catastrophe ruining America, and tries to fight and survive as he slowly regains his lost memories, of being some kind of powerful important figure, the full details of which intrigue both him and his newfound comrades. Finding himself mysteriously immune to the disease, in time he finds that he has some kind of unusual influence over the zombies: noticing that they do not attack him, as they do not attack each other, he finds eventually that he can subtly direct them en mass via his intentions, clearing an area of them or summoning them. Over time he works to hone this ability, trying with great difficulty to direct individual ones to perform specific actions. Through this power he gradually becomes a renowned leader and hero in the fight against the zombies, a role he takes to with great gusto, loving the adoration of his followers.

Meanwhile, Foundation scientists investigate the zombie apocalypse, determining it to be caused by nanites "like their own", spread from "one of them" somehow into the "mortal" population, and now attempting in futility to heal their new host bodies of the affliction of not being the individual the nanites belong to. Realizing that they are consequently immune to the disease, and that somehow or another they are at least indirectly at fault, the Foundation mount an expedition on foot to America to try to track down the origins of it. They eventually piece together the involvement of Patient Zero's body, someone they know as "Kron", recovered from their "final launch site", whom they determine to be somehow or another responsible for all this.

In time, Patient Zero does slow regain his memories. But he recalls his name first as "Luke". Then he recalls that "the others" mocked him as "Loki", corrupting his assumed name, "Lucifer", "the Light-Bringer". Remembering his past life as a "god", he changes his position on the zombie apocalypse. Realizing at last what is happening, and how futile it would be to try to either kill or cure those who are already "infected", he instead decides to let the outbreak play out, safe from it himself, and see what happens if an entire continent's – or the world's – population are eventually transformed into copies of himself, that he can psychically control.

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