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(2x13) Shadow of the Foundation: Part 2, Episode 1

Meanwhile, high in the Andes, archaeologists in the Inca Empire investigate the site of some kind of geological disaster they suspect buried a possibly advanced lost civilization there. There at their dig site, they unearth an apparently dead but remarkably well-preserved body. After taking it back to their camp, the archaeologists are attacked by tomb raiders looking to steal valuable artifacts. In the midst of the attack, the corpse, now fully healed, wakes up, but with no memory, and instinctively jumps to the "defense" of the tomb raiders under counterattack around him. He is seemingly mortally wounded in the act. One of the tomb raiders performs a "blood brothers" ceremony with the dying man, in gratitude for saving his life. The tomb raiders then accidentally set off a zombie apocalypse when the blood of the undead man who saved them has unexpected results when mixed into their blood.

As these events transpire, the Foundation are busy with their nascent new civilization in the middle of the Pacific. Covertly, away from even the eyes of those who lead that civilization, they work to recover an enormous ancient starship from the Pacific seafloor, before the expanding seafloor settlement of Pacifica can discover it. From within its hold, they recover four bodies, which then slowly, miraculously regenerate like the body found high in the Andes, to the Foundation's mild surprise – not about the regeneration per se, but just given the tens of thousands of years, they say, these four have been drowned on the seafloor.

Back in America, Inca doctors determine in the ensuing state of emergency that some unknown nanoscopic bloodborne agent is consuming the bodies infected with it from the inside out, but also reconstructing vital parts of the body at the same time. This keeps the victims alive, but in fuguelike state of mindless pain and rage, in which they attack others and spread the infection. It also makes them virtually impossible to combat, as the very infection seemingly killing them refuses to let them die of any injuries either. As this plague of walking dead spreads across America, its Patient Zero – the body recovered from the Andes, regenerated again, and still amnesiac – finds himself the only one seemingly immune to the ill effects of the disease, and consequently at the forefront of a group of people attempting to survive it.

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