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Shadow of the Foundation: Part 2

  1. In Shadow of the Foundation: Part 2, the discovery of Kron's body buried in the Andes accidentally sets off a "zombie apocalypse", which Kron rides out while the rest of the world begins to panic.
    1. In Episode 1, archaologists unearth the body of Kron in the Andes, and accidentally set off a "zombie apocalype" when his blood is unwittingly mixed with that of mortals.
    2. In Episode 2, a regenerated but amnesiac Kron fights to survive the American "zombie apocalypse" while slowly regaining his memories of his true identity.
    3. In Episode 3, the "food of the gods" accidentally discovered in Xiania proves to be the cure needed to end the American "zombie apocalypse", when delivered by the Pacifican automatons.