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(2x12) Shadow of the Foundation: Part 1, Episode 3

The ongoing robotic catastrophe in Asia is eventually ameliorated by the intervention of the new political power that the Foundation have meanwhile been quietly engineering: from disaffected members of the Columbian and Aueian peoples, they have formed a technologically and socially advanced society distributed across both natural and artificial islands across the Pacific, the Pacific seafloor itself, and the world's first working space elevator or "Starbridge". They have an economy driven entirely by friendly general artificial intelligence, and a new form of constitution blending the best elements of both libertarianism and socialism.

Gui and Ki-lin reach out to this Pacific Islands International Coalition, or "Pacifica" as it is later called, for help. Pacifica is able to infiltrate the control network of the Aueian robot army and supplant it with their own, friendlier programming. The for-the-greater-good totalitarian grip of the Aueian robot army rolling its way across Asia defers control back to local, democratic, human leadership, while helping to maintain peace and order during the transition.

Meanwhile, as Long loses control of his automatons, a more traditional battle is able to ensue between Long's forces and the counter-counter-revolutionaries. In the chaos of that battle, Long and all of the Ba Xian except Han and Lu are killed, and Lu only barely survives thanks to Han's actions to save him, secretly taking him away on the Foundation ship that comes to rescue Han too. Lu's daughter Ki-lin is safely away with Gui in Pacifican hands, but she believes her father to have died in the battle because he is missing, secretly recovering in Foundation care. Han, revealing himself as Xio, tells Lu that he cannot let him go back to his normal life on Earth having seen what he has seen, but that he can stay here with the Foundation as part of a special force of those who have been rescued from death in battles secretly involving the Foundation, the "Einherjar". Xio offers to bring Ki-lin here to join him, but at the prospect of separating his daughter forever from her life on Earth, Lu declines, and resolves to leave her behind, rather than be with her at that great cost.

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