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(5x27) Pantheon Synthesis: Part 3, Episode 3

After decades of quietly funding this project, largely unobserved by the rest of the Pantheon who are too busy building up their new settlement in the Jovian system, the rogue Foundation agents' snowball plan has really begun rolling. There are now a network of self-sufficient artificial floating islands, the beginnings of the world's first seafloor settlement, and plans in development to build up from that bit of equatorial seafloor to eventually create (mortal) humanity's first space elevator. They key innovation enabling all of this is a mix of automation and biotechnology allowing for the self-construction of livable habitats mostly out of carbon extracted from the air, which technology is also sold to United Nations countries enabling, amongst other things, the earliest settlements of other world.

The rest of the Foundation begins to look into things more closely when this Pacific colony begins courting other small island countries, looking to build what they are calling the Pacific Islands International Coalition. As many of these island countries are loosely allied with the larger United Nations countries, mostly for their own protection from those larger countries, this development threatens to destabilize the world order enough that the rest of the Foundation begin sending other agents in to make sure things don't get out of hand. Especially when Hawai'i itself considers joining the Coalition.

Despite the rogue agents' best efforts to hide their involvement, it is eventually discovered by the Foundation at large, who are furious about it and remove the rogue agents from service immediately. But the "damage" has already been done, and unmaking the Pacific Islands International Coalition would only be more intervention on top of what the rogue agents have already done. In retrospect, it is judged that the intervention was minimal enough not to warrant severe punishment. Nothing of the Foundation of the Pantheon's ancient secrets have been revealed to humanity. Just a few choice people introduced to each other and given a shot at building something new together. Mortal humanity did the rest themselves.

Thankfully the Foundation's fears of impending global destabilization prove unfounded. Though free of the systemic flaws that make the United Nations countries generally tyrannical, the new Coalition is not so much like the old communist countries to turn those nations against it in force. And when it proves to have an economically powerful and technologically advanced economy that can provide those nationalist countries with valueable new goods, the Coalition becomes an important trading partner, which in turn only fuels its own growth and development.

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