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(5x26) Pantheon Synthesis: Part 3, Episode 2

Using their access to the enormous amounts of secret terrestrial wealth held by the Foundation, and their advanced knowledge not of natural sciences but of social sciences, these few rogue agents initiate a plan to start a snowball rolling in mortal society. That is, a plan to transform mortal civilization on a large scale, by taking only small, subtle actions themselves, so that in the end, nobody even knows the Foundation was responsible. Ideally, not even the Foundation themselves, whom the rogue agents know would stop them if they discovered this plot.

The scheme involves bringing together a wide variety of well-educated people from the more-developed countries of the United Nations, but ones sympathetic to criticism of their societies, or better still ones openly critical of it themselves. The latter will have consequently fallen from the upper-class lives that permitted their education into the criminalized underclasses, and so be easy to sway away from their lives of misery. But still others, terrified by the threat of falling into those underclasses themselves, and tired of the neverending struggle to stay above that threshold, can be swayed away as well.

All these peoples are brought together in the middle of the Pacific ocean, using as a temporary base of operations the island chain of Hawai'i. With an indigenous population more closely tied to Auei, but subsequently colonized by Columbia, and nearly equidistant between them at a key strategic location, Hawai'i is one of the smallest, most isolated and most freethinking of the United Nations countries following a peace treaty between Columbia and Auei that devolved independence to it as part of its terms. From there, the team of people liberated by the rogue Foundations agents are set to the task of building a new nation in the open seas to the south, starting with a chain of artificial island habitats.

Money is no object, and will be fully funded by the mysterious backing of the rogue Foundations agents and their virtually limitless pocketbooks. And while sociopolitical guidance will be offered, ideas to help craft a new political system free of the tyrannies they've all fled without falling into the opposite problems of the parts of the now subject to those tyrannies, the actual technological and material development it entirely up to these mortal expatriates.

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