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(5x23) Pantheon Synthesis: Part 2, Episode 2

With mortal humanity's growing awareness of aerospace technology, the Pantheon's interventions did not always go unnoticed. Occasional sightings of "Foundation" ships, and their pilots in form-fitting grey space-suits, fed growing theories of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. Collaborating governments moving to cover up such incidents, at the Foundation's behest, did little to dissuade such ideas.

One of the worst such incidents involved a small Foundation ship on a mission to monitor and influence early Columbian fission experiments in in the deserts of their southwest. Returning from that mission, the ship experienced a malfunction and crashed violently into rural farmland, "killing" the pilot, albeit temporarily of course.

The owner of that rural farmland found the crashed ship and its "dead" pilot in the middle of the night, and reported what he had seen before Columbian government agents could arrive to clean up the scene. As a media circus began surrounding the farmer's reports, the Columbian government moved quickly to try to secure the recovered Foundation technology to reverse-engineer for their own purposes, only to by stymied by the revived pilot, who contacted the rest of the Foundation to come and clean up the mess and reprimand the Columbian government for their attempted betrayal.

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