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(5x20) Pantheon Synthesis: Part 1, Episode 2

As the dawn of the 20th century of the Common Era nears, mortal astronomy beging improving to the point that openly operating their large original mothership risks exposing the Pantheon to humanity below. The apparent inevitability of this fuels the fires of the isolationist-or-interventionist debate once more, with the interventionist faction, still concerned about what they see as humanity's pending self-destruction, arguing that if mortals are destined to discover them anyway, they may as well let it happen, and then start helping once they're found out.

One sub-faction of the so-called isolationists proposes sabotaging the advance of mortal astronomy so as to prevent their discovery by humanity. A debate rages among the immortals over whether that would be intervening in the natural course of human development, and thus interventionist itself; or whether it would merely be redacting the effects of previous intervention, as mortal civilization is already so thoroughly shaped by the echoes of early Pantheon presence on Earth.

Meanwhile, as that debate rages, a rogue element of the so-called isolationist faction begins making moves on Earth to sabotage a telescope that would easily spot the Pantheon mothership. The rest of the Pantheon must unite to stop this preemptive action, while also moving to hide themselves from humanity, at least until a proper decision can be reaches. The rebels are stopped from their sabotage, and the mothership is hidden behind the moon in time to avoid detection by mortals. That inspires a solution that puts the debate on indefinite hold: the mothership is settled on the far side of the moon, and around it is built out a a truly stationary base of operations for the Pantheon.

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