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(5x19) Pantheon Synthesis: Part 1, Episode 1

Over the centuries following the Pantheon's re-ascent into space, the mortal civilizations of humanity gradually expand their own dominion of the planet and slowly inch their own way toward space. After the collapse of Mediterranea in the face of threats from the east, the newly-independent nations in Europe and Africa colonize the western continents of Columbia and America respectively. The former haphazardly integrate with the native peoples and each other into what would become a continental superpower, the United States of Columbia. But the latter are stymied by the powerful Incan Empire, and fracture into a mix of smaller states developing in the shadow thereof.

As these centuries of history unfold on Earth below, the Pantheon gradually build up their presence in the skies above. From their single enormous mothership on which they live, they build out an entire fleet of smaller automated ships with which they mine asteroids for materials from which they build ever more advanced technologies. And returning to the task assigned them by Keius so many thousands of years ago, they telescopically monitor the people below them and record the progress of their history.

As they watch the march of progress on Earth, as mortal humanity reach their industrial revolution and the exponential pace of their own technological development became apparent to the Pantheon, debate again arises among the immortals over whether or not they should involve themselves in terrestrial affairs. Only this time, instead of wanting to be glorious leaders of mortal humanity, it is now mostly the peace-loving former-isolationists advocating intervention, worried about saving humanity from their own self-destruction. But those favoring isolation still prevail in the debate, and for now the "gods" leave mortals to their own affairs.

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