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(5x07) Pantheon Genesis: Part 3, Episode 1

Met continues narrating. Back on track at last, the Pantheon and their human civilization finally started developing at a reasonable pace. The third son of the original regents proved an adequate day-to-day leader of his people, though immortality among only mortal peers, especially spouses, proved painful for him. As the nanite-creating genes from mortal siblings of the first regents spread through the population, the new regent eventually took a wife, distantly related to him though she was, who could also be made immortal with the food of the gods, and so a dynasty of demigods beholden to the Pantheon for their continued immortality began; and the pool of those who could be potentially be elevated to temporary immortality by bestowal of the food grew as well.

Meanwhile, as their civilization neared its early industrial stage, and spacefaring technology could be within a few short generations with the right direction from above, the Pantheon began to debate how exactly to get into space, given all of the techniques known by their creators that they had read about in their ship's computer. Deciding that rockets, the conventional first step, would be too inefficient for their purposes with such a small civilization to work with, they decided instead to focus on technological advancement and build straight to a space elevator, with which to lift an enormous ship constructed on the ground that they could then live in.

They scoped out an equatorial site to the north of their small continent to build on, extending a long thin thread of their civilization along the northern coast of the continent that would retain the name Auei in later years, and around Indonesia above that to the equatorial north coast it had back in those days. They began directing progress toward a geothermal power station there, with which to fuel a gravitomagnetic lift, with which to launch a fullerene tether, up which their eventual ship would climb. Not fully understanding the goal toward which they were working, still being too primitive to grasp concepts like gravitomagnetics or space elevators, the mortals working on the project generally believed themselves to be building an enormous tower with which to reach the heavens.

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