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(5x06) Pantheon Genesis: Part 2, Episode 3

For their transgressions against the peace, the king and queen regent of the Aueian paradise were deposed by the Pantheon and banished from its lands, to survive however they could manage without the generous guidance of their gods until they eventually grew old and died without the food thereof. Kron was likewise punished, as much as possible, by being placed under much closer and constant scrutiny – no longer merely being watched to make sure he didn't attempt anything against the Pantheon themselves, but being kept from meddling in human affairs as well. After quickly tiring of direct rule of their civilization in a short interregnum, the Pantheon debated how to select new regents, deciding to choose between the children of the old regents. Finding the second son to be the most disinclined to the war their parents had tried to start, they appointed him the new regent, and offered him the "food of the gods" and consequent immortality upon his acceptance.

Angered by this, and by the banishment of their parents, the first son, who had been vocally supportive of the war efforts and so was passed over for regency, assassinated his own brother just before the ceremony at which he was to be publicly declared the new king-regent and fed the food of the gods. The Pantheon attempted to save the younger brother by feeding him the food anyway, but he was already too far gone for his latent nanites to even activate. This incited a civil war among the people of this nascent "paradise", as the older brother rallied those who had been eager to wage the war and rule over their neighbors against those who were loyal to the pacifist decrees of their gods.

Of course, with the immortals of the Pantheon on their side, the pacifist faction was quickly victorious. The third and youngest son of the former regents was appointed the new regent, and given the food of the gods to consummate his appointment. The elder brother and everyone that was loyal to him were banished like their parents from the young civilization, but the Pantheon feared that with so many of them, they would merely regroup outside their borders, possibly conquering their neighbors after all, and then return in vengeance. To prevent that, they were instead sent out of Auei entirely, forced to make boats in which they were to sail into the east, separately in many small groups, stopping on the many islands out into the sea as need be, but never for long, as their invincible gods commanded with no uncertainty that they keep going further and further into the rising sun, until they should eventually run out of ocean to sail, somewhere on the other side of the world, and there they were to stay, forever.

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