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(5x05) Pantheon Genesis: Part 2, Episode 2

Those first two immortal "demigods" became the king and queen regent, the proxy rulers, of the advanced human civilization that the "pantheon" were building in ancient Auei. Under their rule, and the continued feed of knowledge from the Pantheon – between whom much of the knowledge available in their old starship had been remembered, at least well enough to set research off in the right direction – a relative paradise, at least by pre-agricultural standards, was quickly built, at least by the standards of normal human progress.

But while those events passed, Kron turned out to have survived the fall from the starship, having landed in the middle of the larger continent to the west that later adopted the name of Auei. He was essentially killed by the fall, splattered by the impact, but his nanites rebuilt him anyway. Reconstructing every last fold of his brain took longer than just rebuilding the body, and so for a long time he had wandered the wilderness of that land ignorant of even his own identity, until his memories at least returned to him. Oron himself spoke to him telepathically and set him in the right direction to reunite with the rest of his family – for though Kron had betrayed Oron, he was still his son, and Oron wanted nothing more than for his family to be at peace again.

Being greeted as expected with suspicion by the rest of the Pantheon, Kron put on a show of sincere repentance, but secretly plotted to ruin all of their plans out of mere spite. Quietly, he seduced the queen-regent of that early Aueian paradise into war against the other human tribes beyond their borders, frightening her with tales of their barbarism and promising her knowledge of weaponry with which her people could preemptively defend themselves. She, in turn, convinced the king-regent to act on her fears, to listen to the teachings of Kron "the light-bringer", eventually leading their country to the start of war against their unsuspecting neighbors. At the last minute, the Pantheon (who largely took a hands-off approach to their developing civilization) discovered this plot and intervened, commanding an end to the war before it could even begin.

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