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(5x03) Pantheon Genesis: Part 1, Episode 3

Sure enough, when young Xio grew old, and his mortal parents aged and died like all mortals eventually do while Xio himself remained fit and full of vigor, his grandmother Keie finally revealed the truth to him. Righteously furious at his father's wrongdoing, he demanded to be brought up to the ship to face him. Unbeknownst to Xio, the entire time he had been maturing on Earth, his eldest cousin Met had been slowly fomenting the seeds of revolution among the rest of the third generation of immortals; not open rebellion, but a general widespread sentiment among the youngest generation that their parents, and especially their uncle Kron, were unfit to rule them. Xio's return to the ship and subsequent confrontation with the shocked Kron sparked a fire in that tinderbox of discontent that led at last to open rebellion. (A battle remembered, Metis narrates, not only as the ubiquitous uprisings of younger generations of gods against older generations, as in the Hellenes' Titanomachy, but in a less accurate form as a battle against "renegade angels" lead by "the light-bringer", as the religious of Mediterrannea would record it).

In the ensuing fight, Xio's siblings were freed from the ship's hold, and of course joined in the revolution. Kron's four loyal brothers meanwhile were locked within the hold instead. Much violence ensued, but to little end as they were all of them immortal and quick to heal from any injury. But the ship itself was not, and during that revolution the ship was crashed into the Pacific ocean. Along the way down, Kron was thrown from an airlock by Xio himself, at extremely high altitude, presumably to his death.

The rest of the family, the whole third generation plus their mothers and aunts and the one allied uncle Osan, leapt from the crashing ship at a low enough altitude to have a chance of survival, so as to avoid drowning when the ship itself sank to the seafloor. A few, who were parents of still-growing children of the fourth generation, managed to salvage a small amount of the special food crop that would allow their children to keep growing. But with little further time to act, the four uncles who had been loyal to Kron were left locked in the ship's hold, presumably to die of drowning as the ship sank. The survivors meanwhile, scattered in the sea but alive, slowly swam west toward the nearest land they had passed over on their descent, a continent in the southwestern Pacific that they then dubbed Auei.

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