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(5x02) Pantheon Genesis: Part 1, Episode 2

From this point Metis is able to narrate from her own personal memory. After raising her children to sufficient independence, Metis says, Keie returned to Earth to escape Oron's advances and to resume the purpose for their creation, such as they knew it. The children remained on the starship for easier access to the special food they needed to grow, and the older ones largely tended the younger, while Oron went to work documenting Keie's observations on Earth. The children often wished to go to Earth, but even after they matured and no longer needed constant access to their special food, Oron forbade it as it would contaminate the observations of humanity that he and Keie were making. In time, the youngest son Kron grew tired of obeying his father's rule, and of being the low man on the ship's totem pole, and wished to instead go to Earth and to rule over its people. With the help of four of his five brothers, all of them but Osan, he eventually overthrew Oron, forcing him out of the ship's airlock to render him powerless (or "castrated" as the Hellenes would recount it, Metis narrates), in lieu of killing him (as their immortality prevented that), though Oron remained in telepathic communication with his family even afterward. Kron then usurped control over the family group and of the starship they lived on, over only Osan and Teth's helpless protests (the other brothers, and their sister-wives, having taken up Kron's side).

The immortals then began to visit Earth, lording over the people whom Keie had lived among as gods. Thinking themselves benevolent gods, they attempted to teach the "barbarians" how to speak their own language, a version of Keius' language adapted for the human tongue, as a first step toward teaching them the science they had learned from the ship's computers. Kron took to calling himself, as leader of this project, the "light-bringer". Meanwhile, Rhea, who had mated with Kron, conceived her first child by him. Fearing to be overthrown by his own children, Kron had them imprisoned in the ship's hold as they were born (or "swallowed" as the Hellenes would recount it), over Rhea's helpless protests. With the backing of her sisters, she at least managed to convince Kron to allow the infants to be brought their special food, so that they could grow and mature like normal people and not remain perpetual undying infants in a tortuous hell of uncared-for isolation.

But with her mother Keie's help, Rhea swapped her last, youngest child with a mortal infant (callously recounted as a "stone" by the Hellenes), letting Kron lock the mortal boy in the ship's hold (there to eventually die, like all mortals), while her own son, Xio, was raised on Earth by moral humans (or, as the Helles unflatteringly recounted them, "wolves"). Though Rhea could not raise even that child as she would like, she knew that he would at least grow up free, and secretly under the watchful eye of his grandmother Keie, to whom she smuggled the special food that would allow her child to grow and develop. And perhaps some day, she hoped, the very fears that had lead Kron to imprison her children might lead to his downfall, if that one free child could, somehow, someday, rise up to help free the others.

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