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(7x27) Nurbal Enemy: Part 3, Episode 3

Though the youngest of the humans, Kron, urges the total extermination of the Berol, and most of the Quelouvan Alliance agree, both Amouch and the oldest human, Osan, hesitate to commit total genocide, even against these monsters. Instead, using their combined knowledge of the nanotechnology that they share with the Berol as well, they kill their various "God-Emperors" who had sprung up in the absence of the original when the Asiron destroyed Berona, and each of the seven saviors of Quelouva takes the place of a "God-Emperor" in a Berol collective consciousness, which become abjectly servile to the Ehrban and these six humans in lieu of their total annihilation.

This greatly pleases the younger humans, most especially Kron, who seems to find the position of "God-Emperor" positively intoxicating. But ruling over the Berol quickly proves to be too little for him, and the younger four of his brothers, all but Osan, follow after him in suit. With power that rivals even Keius now, Kron claims that he is the rightful heir to Keius, as ruler of the immortal people whom Keius created with purpose and didn't merely birth like Amouch.

The four middle brothers, Kron's "Horsemen", have his back to this claim, and challenge Amouch's legitimacy as leader of Quelouva. Only the oldest brother, Osan, sees reason and sides with Amouch against his brothers. But though Amouch and Osan are as immortal as the others, and each have not only their own magical might but an army of Berol at their beck and call – not to mention the bulk of the Quelouvan Alliance who would side with them against these new usurpers – they are outnumbered five to two, and to challenge the usurpation would only plunge the galaxy right back into an unending war again. To avoid that, Amouch remorsefully abdicates his place as the ruler of the Quelouvan Alliance, in exchange for he and Osan having mere seats at the new ruling council of galactic "gods" to be headed by Kron.

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