Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

(7x24) Nurbal Enemy: Part 2, Episode 3

Despite the formerly Asiron-protected worlds' qualms about the fault of the Alliance for the recent robotic catastrophe, and ongoing disputes within the Alliance itself over both the wisdom of that automation in the first place as well as the religious significance of Amouch, he is eventually successful in bringing all Ehrban together. At last the entirety of the Ehrban diaspora finally rally together in the face of the enemy that once brought down their entire civilization.

Further wormhole connections bridging the two patches of network are established to further strengthen the partnership. This plan is met with some skepticism as it provides further venues for attack should the Berol manage to penetrate far enough into one or the other patch of network to reach a world that bridges to the other, but the necessity for communication other than through Amouch, the ability to materially transport things between the allies, and the symbolic unity of it, all outweigh those concerns.

The formerly Asiron-protected worlds having had no need for interstellar governance with the Asiron there to keep the peace, the Alliance is the most established political structure to wrap this new union in, though the formerly Asiron-controlled worlds immediately become the strongest power bloc within it. This being an emergency situation and Amouch being in the most natural leadership position, he is quickly thrust into power as the president pro tempore of this newly united Quelouva.

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