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(7x23) Nurbal Enemy: Part 2, Episode 2

The Quelouvan Alliance and the network of formerly Asiron-protected worlds each separately wage their own war against the attacking Berol, but both of them facing essentially the same challenge requiring the same tactics. They both need to take back control of their side of the wormholes leading from that crossroads star system into their patches of the wormhole network, so as to plug up the flow of the Berol into the rest of the galaxy, at least at anything greater than subluminal speeds.

As Amouch and his expedition were at the nearest of the formerly Asiron-protected worlds when the Berol attack began, they are trapped on that side of the wormhole network until that crossroads star system can be reclaimed. Telepathically conferring with the Ancients on Niarba for guidance, he is able to telepathically sense something of what is going on among the Ehrban diaspora in the Quelouvan Alliance, though nothing of the colonists from Niarba like the Nurbal, who have the mutation that blocks off their minds.

He is also able to subtly influence the diaspora en masse or individuals within it, though not so much to speak to them directly, as they are untrained in communion with their inner spirits. Using this influence, and a similar level of influence over the formerly Asiron-protected diaspora, plus mundane negotiation with them as well, Amouch is able to slowly coordinate a united defense against the Berol.

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