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(7x22) Nurbal Enemy: Part 2, Episode 1

As Amouch and his expedition from the Quelouvan Alliance try to apologize and negotiate peace with the angry Ehrban of the formerly Asiron-protected worlds, an even more disastrous consequence of the automatons' spread throughout the galaxy is discovered. Only two hops away through the wormhole network is an uninhabited star system that the automatons had just reconnected to at the same time, and from the same system, as their first encounter with an Asiron-protected world. There had not yet been time to discover it given the disastrous reaction with the Asiron, but that other star system was part of yet another patch of reactivated wormhole network, this time one that had been reactivated by none other than the Berol, the ancient enemies of the Ehrban who toppled their once-great network.

The worlds in that patch of network surrounded where once stood their homeworld of Berona, before the Asiron destroyed it, and the advance of the surviving Berol exodus had only managed to spread that far at subluminal speeds. The Asiron likewise had been slowly sweeping through at subluminal speeds fighting the Berol, the old war that brought down the ancient Ehrban empire merely paused for millennia thanks to speed-of-light limitations.

That unassuming uninhabited star system was all that remained in the aftermath of the latest devastating battle between Asiron and Berol on the front lines of that cosmic war, a battle that left no survivors. And now that glacially-paced war is reborn anew at much higher speeds through the connections of the portal network. The last of the surviving Asiron left over after The Machine's attacks make a valiant last stand in the crossroads star system between their patch of wormhole network, the Berol's, and the Quelouvan Alliance's, but against the forces of the Berol those few survivors are no match, and the Berol pour forth en masse into both the network of formerly Asiron-protected worlds, and the Quelouvan Alliance.

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