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(7x18) Nurbal Legacy: Part 3, Episode 3

With the religious dispute still ongoing, Amouch is increasingly uncomfortable with the way that his very existence threatens the stability of the burgeoning Quelouvan Alliance. In his silence, many of the worlds who worship him have begun to decide that they themselves will do what he would not do despite their urging: to embark on a mission to convert the unbelievers.

And after much deliberation, introspection, and consultation with Geiana, the growing collective consciousness on Niarba, and the spirit of Daria within that collective, Amouch hesitantly decides to do something seemingly counter-intuitive. He embraces his religious authority, and summons the first Quelouvan ecumenical council, to bring together the religious leaders of the various worlds who worship him, and establish the common tenets of their shared faith. Besides the grunt work of hashing out the common ground between them, the key point Amouch emphasizes, his entire reason for doing this in the first place, is that their religion is to be explicitly non-proselytizing. It is commanded by Amouch, with whatever authority his followers imbue in him, that nobody be made to follow or to worship him, and that even explicit "blasphemy" against him is to be tolerated.

That gesture actually seems to help persuade some of the worlds who demonize Amouch that neither he nor the Alliance are anything they really need to fear. There is still much work to be done, but things are moving forward at last. With that crisis averted, Amouch decides that it would be best for him to minimize his day-to-day involvement in affairs of the Alliance, while maximizing his long-term influence. To that end he decides to return to stasis again, to reawaken for only a few days every year, meet with his ecumenical council, settle any matters he needs to settle, and catch up on events in the galaxy since he last awoke.

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