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(7x17) Nurbal Legacy: Part 3, Episode 2

As negotiations with the worlds that demonize Amouch continue, and the promise of the technological utopia offered by the Nurbal automatons keeps those worlds enticed enough to continue discussing it at least, that very promise proves to be yet another objection to the Alliance in the view of still other worlds.

Those worlds strenuously object not to Amouch personally, but to the Alliance's use of autonomous artificial intelligence, which was highly taboo in the ancient Ehrban empire. Though much of their past is lost to history, distorted and mythologized, those worlds remember, however dimly, that long before even Keius, the early Ehrban had created automatons to serve them, and then nearly been destroyed by them, a lesson that became ingrained into the culture of the Ehrban so deeply that even tens of thousands of years later they still remember it.

With those worlds, Amouch is able to be of ambassadorial use even without his religious influence. He relates how he, through his inherited memories, personally remembers those times, tens of thousands of years ago, and was severely hesitant about the Nurbal's deployment of automatons on Entu, preparing for the disaster he expected to soon befall them. But now it is over a century later, and dozens of worlds have been elevated to utopian paradises thanks to the automatons, so begrudgingly, Amouch has accepted their value, and urges those hesitant worlds to do so as well. Those words are more convincing than the ongoing attempts at persuading the worlds who demonize him, and many of the worlds afraid of automation hesitantly agree to accept it and to join the Quelouvan Alliance.

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