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(7x16) Nurbal Legacy: Part 3, Episode 1

Amouch's policy of not denouncing other peoples' religious beliefs about him eventually proves problematic when some worlds turn out to remember Keius as a demonic figure from their mythology: the one who, through his foolish hubris, brought about the end of their mythic golden age. Those worlds then likewise demonize Amouch, as Keius' descendant or reincarnation, and by proxy reject the whole of the Quelouvan Alliance that, for the most part, worships him positively as the second coming of Keius. This then puts Amouch in a tricky position.

The secular leadership of the Alliance, composed principally of the network of Nurbal worlds, pressures him to denounce these other worlds' belief in him as the second coming of Keius, so that they are not turned away from or against the Alliance because of its association with a figure they see as evil. But the religious followers of many different worlds who all honor Amouch as a holy figure pressure him to instead lead a mission to convert the non-believers. Amouch is rightly hesitant to embark on a holy war like that, but at the same time it does not seem that he can denounce his religious significance to the worlds who would hate him for it without simultaneously alienating the many worlds who love him for it, and in doing so threatening the cultural unity and thus stability of the Alliance.

Instead, he tries to coordinate together with the secular leadership to convince the new worlds who demonize Keius, first and foremost, that the Alliance is not a religious state and Amouch has no formal power in it; and secondly, that Amouch, descended as he may be from Keius, is not actually the same person as him, per se, and so should not be judged as though he were. But thus far, these assurances prove unconvincing to most of the worlds in question, and only the promise of the technological utopia offered by the Nurbal automatons even keeps them at the table discussing it.

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