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(7x15) Nurbal Legacy: Part 2, Episode 3

Amouch, as a mage and a descendent of Keius – and in a somewhat literal way, thanks to the Ehrban's peculiar biopsychology, a reincarnation of him – is perceived by many of the diaspora as Keius himself returned, which some of their religions have prophecied. The virtual paradise ushered in by the arrival of the Nurbal's automatons, like angels sent by their god, does nothing to lessen that impression.

How to treat that perception, whether to deny it or exploit it, becomes a contentious political issue in the burgeoning Quelouvan Alliance. The Nurbal colonists, knowing Amouch and his origins, are most vocal about denouncing any religious status of him, not the least because they are still vocally anti-magic and have already been uncomfortable with the growing religiosity of the more primitive worlds they have discovered, despite the advancing technological progress they have brought them.

The Nurbal are also uncomfortable with the potential for Amouch to become the next Keius, politically speaking: overshadowing the legitimate secular government through his informal religious influence. Amouch, for his own part, is even more uncomfortable as a religious leader than Keius himself was, but he realizes the importance of his perception as such in reunifying the Ehrban diaspora. He eventually settles on a policy of allowing and not denouncing people's religious beliefs about him, but without ever confirming them, much less exploiting that belief to his advantage.

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