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(7x14) Nurbal Legacy: Part 2, Episode 2

Unlike the mundane Ehrban of Niarba or the Nurbal who arose from them, the surviving Ehrban on other worlds throughout Quelouva have still all been connected in the semi-collective consciousness of Geiana for all these millennia. Consequently, the influences of distant Niraba's mages on Geiana have been perceived as religious events by this Ehrban diaspora. Namely, they have perceived the voice of their god as diminishing within their minds, as the magical society of Niarba fell apart and the mundane Ehrban there, even more disconnected from Geiana than the diaspora ever were, retook the homeworld.

In the past century, however, as Amouch slept in stasis, many of the diaspora have perceived the presence of their god as returning in their minds; the voice of Geiana growing stronger and more coherent, less cacophonous and more harmonious. It has felt to them like an old spiritual wound has been slowly healing, and many have thought that this presaged the prophesied second coming of Keius. Amouch's arrival, of course, fell squarely into that expectation.

Learning this prompts Amouch to reach out in his mind to Niarba again, to check in on the status of the homeworld. He expects that Daria will be long dead by this point, so he does not try to reach out to her directly, but instead mentally feels for any continuation of her spirit, any other descendents of the Meij lineage. He is pleased to find that the Meij spirit lives on on many individuals across Niarba, and they have grown so united that they can collectively speak to Amouch as one distributed voice, presenting to Amouch in the voice of Daria from the memory of her shared across them all.

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