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(7x13) Nurbal Legacy: Part 2, Episode 1

None of these other survivors of the ancient Ehrban empire descend from the handful of mages who were all that survived of the destruction of old Ehrba. Few of even their distant ancestors ever directly witnessed the magic of Keius Meij, that first mage remembered as though a mythological figure by many of these peoples. They are consequently all fascinated to meet Amouch, the last descendent of Keius.

Amouch finds himself spending much of his time communicating with the peoples of these other worlds, as something of an unofficial ambassador from the survivors from Niarba to the rest of the galaxy, and a living tome of knowledge thanks to his inherited memories. He gives many lectures both on the history of Niarba since the fall, and on the forgotten history of the old Quelouvan empire.

In addition to popular demonstrations of magic, begrudgingly including entirely unnecessary magical healings (that are completely redundant with the advanced technological medicine available), Amouch more eagerly performs another kind of "trick" for many members of the public. Thanks to his magical telepathic abilities, and the fact that none of these survivors have the "warlock" gene that isolates the mundane Ehrban of Niarba from their ancestral spirits, he is able to work together with other individuals to recover their own ancestral memories, which information he uses to help compile a clearer picture of what has been happening in the rest of the galaxy since the fall.

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