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(7x12) Nurbal Legacy: Part 1, Episode 3

As the reactivation of the wormhole network continues, still other survivors on other worlds are found, increasing in density the further from Niarba into the network they explore. Most are primitive like that first world, though some sparse few rival the level the Nurbal had been when they first settled Entu. In time, the Nurbal want to bring all these other surviving worlds under their interplanetary government.

But the other worlds, as grateful as many of them are for the technology bestowed upon them, and as excited as they are to make contact with other worlds as the wormhole network is reactivated outward again, are still hesitant to go along with the Nurbal's political proposal. They value their independence, and worry about being essentially assimilated into a larger culture at the expense of their own.

In time Amouch, by now seen as something of a religious figure by many of the survivors on other worlds, helps to negotiate an interplanetary alliance, on a level above the Nurbal government. The Nurbal's own interplanetary network, being the only preexisting group of multiple worlds, would still be the largest member state of the alliance, but it would be formally on equal footing with each of the others, which by now collectively outnumber the Nurbal worlds in population. The resultant polity adopts a name inspired by the ancient Ehrban empire that they are somewhat reclaiming: the Quelouvan Alliance.

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