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(7x11) Nurbal Legacy: Part 1, Episode 2

Amouch travels through the fledgling interstellar network to meet the other survivors that have been discovered, and is further surprised to learn that the survivors are not merely on the next world over. After establishing themselves on their first world, the colonists began to explore the galaxy through the old portal network, shut down long ago from their side in a failed attempt to protect old Ehrba, and so reopenable only from their side now. Lead by their fleet of robotic ships coordinated by the Machine, they expanded and explored through their people's lost legacy,

And now they have discovered the first world where other Ehrban have survived the ancient galactic war that ruined their once-great spacefaring civilization. They are not nearly as advanced as the ancient Ehrban once were, still in stages of more primitive development. They expected the technologically advanced Nurbal fleet coming from behind the sealed-off wormholes to be the long-prophesied return of Keius Meij, and so immediately upon first contact asked to meet him. Amouch, as the last living descendent of Keius, is introduced to them to help bridge the gulf of understanding between these primitives and the Nurbal, having as he does access to the inherited memories of Keius and other ancestors.

The Nurbal want to build their primitive and struggling world into luxurious post-singularity utopia via the Machine and its automatons, something that Amouch is still extremely hesitant about. But the primitive survivors see this as something of their promised salvation, and greatly welcome it, so seeing how well the automation has worked for the Nurbal against his worst expectations, Amouch concedes to "bestow" the miraculous automata on the primitives and elevate them to the same level as the Nurbal.

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