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(7x10) Nurbal Legacy: Part 1, Episode 1

Over a century after going into stasis, Amouch is awakened again. He immediately assumes it is one of the automated triggers he set up awakening him after much less time than has in fact elapsed, and is surprised to learn that he has not only been manually awakened, but that it is for reasons that have nothing to do with the automata. Instead, he has been awakened because survivors of the ancient Ehrban civilization have been found on another world that they have reopened the wormhole to.

The people of that other world want to know what has become of Keius Meij, of whom Amouch is the only descendent available. So the colonists have awoken Amouch hoping that he will speak to them and help ease contact with this other world. Amouch is very surprised to hear this news, and agrees to meet with the other survivors, but he insists on checking up on the automata on this world first, still in disbelief that a century has passed without incident.

He finds to his surprise that the system has worked remarkably well; far, far better than his dire predictions. Instead of some unexpected behavior callously destroying everything of value to Ehrban life in pursuit of what it was misprogrammed to value, the result of letting the Machine take control has been a rapidly accelerating progress of improvements that soon had not only Entu rebuilt into a luxurious paradise for the colonists, but also a fleet of spacecraft with which they have begun exploring the rest of the galaxy.

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