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Nurbal Colony

  1. In Nurbal Colony, the exiled Nurbal and their allies, lead by Meij-clone Amouch, establish themselves on their new home world with the risky use of taboo artificial intelligence.
    1. In Part 1, the Nurbal and other exiles from Niarba arrive at the site of their first colony, where tensions between their different ways of life are eventually mediated by Amouch.
      1. In Episode 1, the Nurbal and other exiles from Niarba depart their home star system through an ancient portal, finding a ruined but still habitable old colony world beyond it.
      2. In Episode 2, conflicts begin to arise between the Nurbal and the other Ehrban nations who have accompanied them, which Amouch tries to keep from becoming violent.
      3. In Episode 3, Amouch delicately mediates between the Nurbal and the leaders of the other nations, crafting a new constitution protecting the rights of the non-Nurbal minorities.
    2. In Part 2, Amouch is elected first president of the new government, then quickly ousted and forced to find another role in life as he explores his magical heritage.
      1. In Episode 1, Amouch is elected first president of the new government, and is then telepathically contacted by his "twin sister" Daria who helps him begin exploring his magical heritage.
      2. In Episode 2, Amouch goes public with his newly-mastered magical abilities, only to face unexpectedly vehement political backlash leading to a recall election.
      3. In Episode 3, Amouch is ousted from political office, and after much introspection begins to find a new place for himself in society as a link to their cultural heritage.
    3. In Part 3, the colonists give full autonomy to their AI against Amouch's warnings, prompting him to go into stasis in case his magical power is needed against the AI in the future.
      1. In Episode 1, with development of the new colony so slow-going, the Nurbal float the radical idea of allowing their artificial intelligence full autonomy to speed things up.
      2. In Episode 2, intense public debate divides the colonists on the topic of allowing The Machine full autonomy, with Amouch finding himself the leading voice of the losing opposition.
      3. In Episode 3, the colonists decide to go ahead with full automation, and as the details of doing so are hashed out, Amouch goes into stasis to serve as a safeguard against its inevitable failure.