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(3x09) Meij Endaren: Part 3, Episode 3

Assuming that Mav herself does not know the shield spell the Ancients used to protect their temple from her attack, Amouch believes that they can destroy Mav with a tactical nuclear strike of their own, but only if she can be caught still enough somewhere far enough from populated areas. He asks if the Ancients can somehow use a variant of that shield spell to contain Mav and draw her away from civilization, then through Endaren communicate that location to the Nurbal so that they can send in their strike to destroy her. Daria tells Endaren that a powerful mage would have to personally go to where Mav is to enact the shield spell and contain her, and would in the process be extremely vulnerable to her attacks and likely die within minutes just from that, never mind the nuclear strike that would follow soon after.

Knowing time is of the essence, Endaren wastes not a moment volunteering, and has Daria teach him the shield spell telepathically as they begin travelling to intersect Mav. The Nurbal meanwhile send a swarm of automatons to slow Mav's progress. The entire rushed operation is barely in time: just as Mav nears range on the Midlands, fighting off an unending swarm of Nurbal automatons, Endaren reaches her and enacts the shield spell to contain the two of them together, dragging her straight up to the edge of space high above the Midlands, while a Nurbal tactical nuclear missile targets Endaren's location. He dies from Mav's attacks, dropping the shield spell in the process, just as the nuke reaches them, and obliterates Mav as well.

In honor of his Endaren's sacrifice, Daria and Amouch negotiate a truce between their two peoples. If the Nurbal really want to explore interstellar space, the Ancients will be reopening the wormhole that connects the Ehrban system to the interstellar empire their people once ruled, and anyone on Niarba who wants to explore space is welcome to join them on the trip. However, the wormhole will be forever sealed behind them so as to protect their world from whatever threats still lie beyond, and anyone who remains on Niarba will be under the jurisdiction of the Ancients, who will finally develop Ehrban society into the harmonious unity that their founder Keius Meij originally intended.

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