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(3x08) Meij Endaren: Part 3, Episode 2

Travelling across the sea from the Southerlands where the Ancients live to the Otherlands where she once hailed from and where the capital of the Council still resides, she drops out of the sky unexpectedly and drops the magical equivalent of a nuclear bomb directly onto the capital, annihilating it in a flash. The whole world suddenly leaps to the brink of global thermonuclear war as the other Council nations, believing the Ancients to be responsible for the attack (because it was a magical attack just like the kind they threatened the Nurbal with, carried out by one of their magically animated golems), prepare to counterattack against the Ancients, targeting not only their capital, which is barely capable of surviving such an attack itself, but also several of their wholly unprotected settlements.

It is only the Nurbal, of all people, who manage to stave off this doom, knowing as well as anyone that a global thermonuclear war will spell the end for everyone. They quickly inform the Council that according to their satellite surveillance, the Ancient capital was hit by just such an attack shortly before the Council capital was, and so they believe the Ancients and Council both are victims of an unknown third party. The Council stands down, and Amouch uses his connection to Endaren through The Machine to communicate with him and find out what the hell is going on.

Endaren admits complete fault for his dumb idea of resurrecting Mav, and absolves the Ancients of any wrongdoing, even offering to surrender himself to the Council in atonement for this crime. Amouch instead asks Endaren to help him prevent the next attack, which their surveillance suggests is targeted at the Midlands, the most densely-populated region of the world and the heart of civilization on Niarba.

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