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(3x07) Meij Endaren: Part 3, Episode 1

Resurrecting Mav the Witch-Queen quickly proves to be a terrible decision. Having lived her life almost solely dedicated to the eradication of the Meij line with whom her family had feuded for centuries since the earlier resettlement of Niarba, she almost immediately attacks Endaren once she realizes who he is. Being a magically talented spirit controlling an unliving body through an artifact powered directly by what is effectively the source of all magic, she is ridiculously powerful and easily overwhelms Endaren, sending him fleeing back toward the Ancients' capital all while telepathically calling on Daria for help.

Daria meets Endaren with a force of golems as he retreats, not realizing at all the severity of the threat they're facing. Mav easily dispatches the golem army and continues to overwhelm both Endaren and Daria, driving them both back toward the capital again. As they near it, a team of expert mages converge on their location to stop Mav with a greater show of force, but even they are beaten back further, as more and more mages join the battle against her. Eventually, as Mav begins to bring increasingly more powerful magics to bear upon her increasing opposition, the mages are forced to resort to a spell they have not used for millennia: the magical shield with which they protected their ancient temple during the hellish final days of their ancient civilization, only now powered like Mav herself by the Orb of the Minded-Worlds.

It is only by mercy of that extra power that the Ancients are able to save the temple from an attack comparable in power to a nuclear bomb that Mav drops on the Ancients, devastating the lands surrounding the temple. Forced to devote their efforts to maintaining the shield, they Ancients can do nothing about it, but unable to reach her prey through their defenses, Mav is discouraged and instead decides to target the weaker of the enemies she remembers: the Council of Nations, which formed around Darak Meij and his quest to destroy her in her first life.

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