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(3x05) Meij Endaren: Part 2, Episode 2

The other Ancients are expectedly hesitant to allow Endaren to join with them, despite Daria's influence over them. But he is able to convince them to accept him when he reveals that he still retains an irrevocable connection to the Nurbal central intelligence, The Machine. It does not control him, or any others, since the Nurbal are justifiably paranoid about their artificial intelligence taking over. But it does continue to act as an informant and advisor drawing from the entirety of the Nurbal's collective databanks. He basically has a built-in spy on the Nurbal internet feeding him any information he wants, and will gladly use that to the Ancients' advantage.

And through that connection, he soon learns that the Nurbal have themselves a bioengineered clone of Endaren, named Amouch, that they have been raising as a backup to him his entire life, one with an enhanced version of the warlock gene he has only a weakened version of that allows him and Daria to selectively engage with Geiana, the stronger version of which will keep Amouch from being so influenced by the goddess as Endaren was, while still allowing him to listen in on her thoughts and even exert influence over her as Endaren was intended to do. This pushes the Ancients over the edge into accepting Endaren as desperately needed.

Once accepted, Daria begins to train him quickly, with the help of telepathic magic guiding his reflection upon the inherited memories of the entire Meij line that they share, on mastery of his inherent magical abilities. She and the other ancients also bring him up to date on newer magic than that which old the old Meij family would remember: a kind of magical technology, various artifacts and magical constructs, that the Ancients have gradually invented in parallel with the technological development of the mundane world, studying also their holiest of relics, the Orb of the Minded-Worlds, said to be the metaphorical egg from which Geiana was born, which divinely inspired the mighty Keius to create their magic, and from which they now draw magical power unparalleled in previous generations.

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