Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

(3x04) Meij Endaren: Part 2, Episode 1

Guided by that voice, Endaren finds in the wilderness far enough from Nurbal territory a young woman near his own age, the apparent owner of the voice that all of Geiana seems to echo. She introduces herself as Daria: Meij Daria, his twin sister in a way, though more technically his mother. As they walk together still further from the Nurbal territories, she elaborates. Long ago, the last of the great Meij line, their ancestors, descended straight from the inventor of magic himself, Keius Meij, was killed defeating Mav the Witch-Queen, the last of the warlocks, evil wizards from before the industrial age and enemies of the Ancients and the non-magical mundanes alike.

The other wizards feared Meij's power, however, and so when an egg grew forth from his corpse (as is normal for the Ehrban) the Ancients placed a magical time-stopping effect upon it, keeping the mighty new Meij as a kind of secret weapon for times of great need. Over the centuries, the need for a backup of their secret weapon was realized, so the egg was allowed to hatch, and another egg prematurely extracted from that newborn child, who was immediately placed back into magical stasis, while the premature egg was tended to stability and then placed elsewhere in stasis itself, effectively cloning the newborn Meij child in a naturalistic way.

That infant child held so long in stasis was Daria here, and her 'clone' egg, her twin or child, was Endaren, who was stolen by the Nurbal, after which time the Ancients released Daria from stasis as well. As heir of the most powerful line of wizards and so of immense influence over Geiana, she has risen to a natural position of leadership within the Ancients, but has been groomed by them her entire life specifically to counteract Endaren when he was inevitably brought to use as a weapon against them by the Nurbal. She was consequently overjoyed when Endaren felt the pain inflicted upon Geiana and defected, and against the wishes of the rest of her people she can come out here to rescue him and bring him back into the fold.

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