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(3x01) Meij Endaren: Part 1, Episode 1

Centuries after the death of Darak Meij and the witch queen Mav, and the formation of the Council of Nations, the more advanced among the Ehrban nations have developed back to the space age at last. Niarba's sole hyperpower, rivalling the collected power of the entire Council of Nations (of which it is independent), is the Nurbal, an isolated nation in the far north. Having already made settlements on artificial satellites above the rings left from old Ehrba's shattered moon, and colonized other planets and moons of their star system, they are developing plans for their first interstellar mission.

This prompts the secretive society of mages, now colloquially called the Ancients, to emerge out of the fierce isolation in which they have hidden for centuries. They come to warn the Nurbal and the rest of the Ehrban of the dangers awaiting them in space, now remembered only as legend and dismissed as superstition by most modern people: the Berol, the aliens who all but annihilated their homeworld thousands of years prior, who would have exterminated the Ehrban if not for the efforts of the ancient mages to preserve their peoples under the leadership of their founder Lievus, son of the legendary creator of magic himself, Keius Meij.

The Nurbal dismiss these warnings as the meaningless mythology of an outdated religion, and proceed with their plans anyway. Sincerely fearing for their entire world, the Ancients respond by sabotaging Nurbal developments, and this gradually develops to the brink of all-out war between their nations.

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