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Meij Endaren

  1. In Meij Endaren, the secret society of “mages” oppose the technologically-advanced Nurbal's plans for space exploration, culminating in an exodus of the Nurbal and their allies to another world.
    1. In Part 1, baby Meij Endaren is kidnapped from the Ancients and raised by the Nurbal to be a weapon to use against them, until he defects from them back to his own people.
      1. In Episode 1, the Nurbal, sole hyperpower nation of Niarba, announce plans for their first interstellar space mission, and meet resistance from the "Ancients", the secret society of mages.
      2. In Episode 2, the war between the Ancients and the Nurbal escalates to the point of nuclear holocaust before settling into a cold war, during which the Nurbal kidnap the egg of Meij Endaren.
      3. In Episode 3, Meij Endaren is raised and groomed by the Nurbal to serve as a weapon against the Ancients, but upon reaching maturity he defects from their cause.
    2. In Part 2, Meij Endaren meets his sister Daria and helps her and the Ancients fight against the Nurbal and his clone Amouch, until he decides that their cause is no more worthy.
      1. In Episode 1, Endaren flees Nurbal territory following a voice in his head, which he discovers belongs to Meij Daria, his sister or mother and a leader of the Ancients.
      2. In Episode 2, Endaren joins with the Ancients against the Nurbal, begins to study magic, and learns that the Nurbal have their own clone of him, Amouch.
      3. In Episode 3, Endaren discovers that the Ancients' methods are reprehensible as well, defects from them, and decides to resurrect Mav the Witch-Queen as a common enemy against both sides.
    3. In Part 3, Endaren resurrects Mav the Witch-Queen to serve as a common enemy against whom to unite the Ancients and Nurbal, and then sacrifices his own life to stop her.
      1. In Episode 1, resurrecting Mav the Witch-Queen immediately goes terribly wrong, as she chases Endaren back to the Ancients' capital and nearly destroys it.
      2. In Episode 2, Mav the Witch-Queen destroys the capital of the Council of Nations, almost igniting a global thermonuclear war, until the Nurbal negotiate an alternative.
      3. In Episode 3, Endaren sacrifices himself as part of a joint Ancient-Nurbal counterattack against Mav, and in the aftermath Daria and Amouch negotiate a peaceful resolution to the cold war.