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(1x21) Darak Meij: Part 3, Episode 3

Mav is eventually forced into retreat to the uninhabited active volcanic islands of the South Sea, where she is finally cornered by Darak and killed in a spectacular duel with him; whereupon Darak's own mundane special forces reinforcements kill him with sniper rifles from a distance, as they had planned all along.

The handful of enraged wizards accompanying the expedition find themselves unexpectedly outmatched by the mundane armed forces they thought they were allied with, and are forced to stand down. They are allowed, at least, to retrieve the body of Darak.

In the years that soon follow, mages in general are shunned and the practice of magic is legally barred from mundane society. The mages abandon their attempts to even guide the mundane world, and instead establish their own secretive, isolated nation centered on their old temple in the ancient wilds of the Southerlands.

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