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(1x20) Darak Meij: Part 3, Episode 2

Eventually Mav is driven from the Otherlands entirely, and takes flight to the Midlands, to start her plot over again there, thinking that the Coalition will leave her alone if she abandons their territories. The mundane authorities are inclined to do just that, and let the Midlands deal with Mav themselves.

But they are not able to stop Darak from pursuing her, and fearing the international debacle that would ensue should he cause havoc in the Midlands in pursuit of her, the Coalition is forced to get ahead of the problem, reach out to the rest of the world to warn them of both Mav and Darak, and in doing so expand the Coalition and its uneasy alliance with wizardkind to a global scale. Barely beginning to rally Midlands warlocks to her side yet, Mav is met with quite an unpleasant welcome when Midlands authorities guide Darak's wrath down upon her again.

She flees into the Westerlands, whose authorities are already being brought on board with the Coalition, and so she is quickly routed through them and forced out to sea, hoping to find refuge across it in the Easterlands. But the Coalition has already made alliances there as well, and when she is quickly identified upon her arrival there she flees before Darak can even catch up with her.

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