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(1x19) Darak Meij: Part 3, Episode 1

Wizard rangers and mundane authorities alike report sightings of Mav to the makeshift coalition between the wizards and government agents with whom young Darak is already familiar and somewhat comfortable. As they continue to try (with some but insufficient success) to improve communication with Darak and acclimate him to proper behavior among civilized people, they travel constantly in pursuit of Mav, the only way to keep Darak appeased. As they are basically escorting a living weapon that they cannot completely control, advance messengers are covertly sent to warn and coordinate with the authorities of the other settlements where Darak and his convoy are headed.

There is much strife and skepticism in reaction to the demands placed on the mundane authorities of these settlements to accommodate Darak and the hazards he brings, and they only concede to those demands because their intelligence suggests that Mav is organizing the thus-far-disorganized warlocks of the world in a united effort to conquer mundane civilization and then use it to crush the wizards who have long been the bane of warlock kind. Quietly, away from the ears of the wizards with whom they are nominally allied, mundane authorities agree that it really might be better to do away with the wizards after all, for the kind of trouble magic is bringing them. But they also agree that the warlocks are a greater threat at present, and it is more prudent to band together to defeat Mav and her forces now, but keeping in mind that it is a coalition of independent nations in turn cooperating with the wizards, and not a coalition under the control of the wizards.

As the mundane nations increase their cooperation, they are better able to preempt attacks by Mav, arrange to have Darak present to meet her and drive her off again, and keep out of his line of fire for their own safety, though collateral damage continues to be a problem.

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