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(1x07) Darak Meij: Part 2, Episode 3

While Darak has been maturing in the wilderness, a powerful witch named Mav Wieg has gradually become an increasingly notorious terror to mundane civilization. She has spent her entire life finishing the Wieg family's long-running war against the Meij family, thinking for years now that the mission was at last complete. So upon hearing that a Meij has somehow survived, she descends upon the rural village with a small army of warlocks at her side.

Though the wizards try to keep Darak isolated and defend the village themselves, Darak sneaks out anyway to witness the battle. Upon spying Mav, he becomes immediately enraged, flashing back to memories of her slaughtering two adults before his eyes somewhere in the wilderness, from one of whose bodies he later retrieved the medallion he now wears. Furiously unleashing magical power surpassing even that of the adult wizards, Darak attacks Mav mercilessly – and with complete disregard for all collateral damage. Laying waste to her warlock defenders, he sends her fleeing in surprise at his might and fury.

He pursues her, the wizards unable to stop him. They are barely able to dissuade the mundane authorities from turning on Darak himself for all the damage he has caused in the process. Mav escapes Darak anyway despite his best efforts, and Darak is left fuming with undirected rage at his failure to destroy her, barely containing himself from magically lashing out in fury. Quickly realizing their best strategy would be to channel Darak as a weapon against Mav, rather than turning him into their own enemy, the wizards promise Darak that they will work together with him to find Mav and destroy her. With some difficulty, the wizards convince the reluctant mundane authorities to go along with that plan.

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