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(1x06) Darak Meij: Part 2, Episode 1

An alien child, of the semi-humanoid Ehrban species, meanders an unsteady course through the wilderness of a continent called the Otherlands, on the planet Niarba. Speechless and wild, he is guided only by fragmented memories or visions of someone else's life. He finds his way eventually to a small rural village exhibiting an early-industrial level of technology. At first timid of the strange people busily milling about there, he is eventually tempted in by the novel smell of hot cooked food for sale in a marketplace, which he promptly steals for himself. Taken at first for a common thief, the authorities who pursue him quickly realize that he is a feral child, not the least for his mannerisms resembling wild creatures called "dragons", for which they nickname him "dragon-boy", or in the Ehrban tongue, "Darak". Attempting to take him in for his own safety, they find him to have strong magical powers, something that concerns but does not shock them, and with which he is able to repel and escape them.

They send word for the nearest wizard, and await his arrival, keeping a distant eye on the boy who continues to skulk around the outskirts of the settlement. A hard-faced wizard ranger soon arrives, expecting to find a dangerous warlock in need of hunting down. But upon seeing the frightened "dragon-boy" himself, he softens. Using a combination of magical mental influence and ordinary nonverbal communication, he is able to at least make face-to-face contact with Darak. He sees that Darak wears a medallion, bearing on it a seven-pointed star composed of overlapping curved chevrons somewhat resembling a flower, which the wizard recognizes as the sign of the Meij lineage.

Finding this significant, suggesting that Darak may be the reincarnation of the last of the Meij lineage, named Skotos, the wizard wants to take Darak back to the temple in the ancient wild lands where the world's wizards convene. But Darak violently resists any attempts to take him anywhere. So instead further experts have to be called in to this small rural village.

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