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(1x18) Darak Meij: Part 1, Episode 3

Unbeknownst to Skotos or Wreben, the other surviving Wieg, Wreber's older cousin Mav, had been tracking her down for her entire life. Mav eventually found Wreber and Skotos in the wilds of the Otherlands, on the day their egg, young Darak who had yet to be named, was to hatch.

Finding Wreber allied with a Meij, in love with him even, and uninterested in joining with her evil plans, Mav slaughtered both of them – unbeknownst to her, before the eyes of their just-hatched child, who fled deeper into the wilderness, forever traumatized by the sight of Mav slaughtering his parents.

After years of mulling over these memories, both those inherited from Skotos and those of his own, the young Darak eventually matures enough to understand, somewhat, what it is that has transpired. Feeling moved by this story finally coming together in his mind, feeling like he finally knows who, and what, and why he is, Darak sets out toward the civilized world seeking something, he knows not what, but some kind of resolution to the searing pain inside of him.

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