Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

(1x17) Darak Meij: Part 1, Episode 2

Finding a family of the beasts called Dragons, fierce close-relatives of the Ehrban (much like gorillas compared to humans), Darak intuitively uses magical mind control to ingratiate himself with them, and bend their wills to care for him like one of their own children in this dangerous wilderness. Living with them not too far from the site of his parents' death, he returns from time to time to the site, to mourn them and meditate further on the memories he has inherited from Skotos.

In those memories he sees that Skotos decides to spare Wreben's life, finding her not to be a threat. But when Skotos reports this to his superiors, they send more experienced rangers after Wreben instead. Skotos then defects from his own cause to save her life, and together they flee into the wilderness.

In time, after a long pursuit and many close calls, they escape from the rangers and find peace in the remote woods where Darak now sits recalling these memories. Along the way, they also find romantic feelings for each other, and even have an egg together, carried by Skotos. Here young Darak's inherited memories end, and his own life begins.

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