Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

(2x27) Lievus Meij: Part 3, Episode 3

The remaining populace of that state, though lead by wizards, are predominantly non-magical after so many magic users died in the war. Many of the non-magical users are mutants, though it is harder to tell mutants from non-mutants among non-magic users as non-magic users are not in any conscious communication with their ancestral spirits at all, so it is difficult to tell whether they are wholly uninfluenced by it or merely unaware of its influence on them. It does have a statistical effect on their behavior over time, however, as those unknowingly in communion with Geiana are steered toward cooperation with each other and tend to drift inward into the more densely parted centers of the colonies, while those free from her influence tend to wander farther afield.

They are also more aggressive and competitive on the whole, and as another generation passes, they once again outbreed the non-mutants, filling the countryside beyond the main settlements with a growing sea of mundane Ehrban. The wizards of the old temple send their trained members out into the fields to watch over and guide the growing Ehrban civilization, but they are increasingly a minority among them. Those wizard rangers also are constantly on the lookout for any warlocks, magic users unconnected to Geiana, many of whom survived in the wilds after the war and are whose hidden existence is being constantly incroached upon by the spreading mundane population.

It becomes increasingly clear that this new population cannot be controlled in a single unitary state from the distant old temple, though Lievus continued to try to do so for the rest of his life. But upon his death, his successors in the leadership decide that it is wiser to nominally devolve rule to the scattered local settlements, and instead just try to keep wizards trained at the old temple interspersed in their populations to subtly guide them over the course of history.

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